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How to backup video:
If your screen has a power button in the bottom left corner, you have an NVR system. Click this video.
If your software has very few visible controls, you have a VMS system.
Click this video.
Power Series Programming
Alarm Instruction Sheets
If your alarm keypad has a green colored display, you have a Power Series keypad. Use these documents;

If your alarm keypad has a blue colored display, you have a NEO Series keypad.
Use these documents;

On-line Customer Forms
Camera Systems / DVR
** If you have a RP Series DVR please call for instructions.
User Manual - Alarm System
Includes the following information:
  • Keypad Display Symbols - Description of the keypad and what each display
    symbol means
  • Keypad User Sheet - All the basic functioning of your system and keypad such as
    arming and disarming your system.
  • Programming Access codes - How to add and delete user codes in your keypad
  • Programming the Time & Date  
  • Troubleshooting Guide - Determines what problems may be occuring to cause a
    trouble light / beeping on your keypad
  • Using Your Keyfob
  • Alarm Protocol - Explains how any alarms are handled by the Monitoring Station
  • Accessing & Controlling Partitions (only applies to multi-paritioned systems)
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